Who am I?

Life’s a glitch, then you die.

Hello stranger,

Have a beer and take a seat. You can call me Moises or Moses, it’s up to you.
Before we start, let me tell you a little bit of my story until here, and you are also free to tell me yours.

I am a 31 years-old Brazilian nomad guy, and human rights advocate who currently lives in Washington, DC. Before I got here, I already lived in five different cities, moving from one to another due to my jobs and passion for the unknown.

I started to deal with video making and work on post-production 17 years ago when I used to film inline skating videos. Since those days rollerblading, a thing that started just for fun became my passion, and the hobby turned into my work.

During this time I developed a diverse range of skills, from motion designing to directing, from grading to managing projects. I consider myself a 360 professional, and there are few things I couldn’t do. It’s just a matter of time.

Many years later, I can tell you that both emotions remain but with the difference that I’m a little bit more cautious in rollerblading and with some film awards on the back.

I also should let you know few more things: I love Mexican cuisine, Negroni, and Bob Dylan. Don’t ask me to step on the sand or look down from high heights and we’re going to be fine. Another round? It’s on me.