Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

Raising Awareness on LGBTI Rights

I have worked on a 6-video series for the Rapporteurship on the Rights of LGBTI Persons of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to promote – launch and strengthen – reports they released.

The first video was institutional, and the other five aimed to raise awareness on different essential issues such as the meaning of gender terminology, inter-sex persons’ rights, testimonies, violence against LGBTI persons.

The videos were made in English, Spanish, and Portuguese with the goal to reach as many people as possible in the Americas.

Presentation of the Rapporteurship

LGBTI Terminology

Laws that Criminalize Homosexuality

Intersex and Medical Violence

Attempts to Modify Sexual Orientation

Hate Speech and Incitement to Violence


Behind the scenes recording the voice-over at my home office.