Promo Video


When Pixel was about to celebrate five years open, I was invited to write, direct and post-produce a two-video series.

Our Style
The first one is a teaser celebrating these five years, presenting Pixel’s vibe.



The second is the continuation of the previous one, announcing a new bar: Pixel CWB.

Writer, Director, Editor and Motion Designer
Moises Oliveira
Ricardo Kump

Luis Ramos a.k.a Swinga

Art Concept and Illustration
Gui Goo

Walter Petla
Will Petla
Mariana Bernal
Mariana BB
Gui Goo
Taynã Ristow
Will Araújo

Camisaria Francisco
Tiago Bahia
Jesus Lucas
Mateus Candido
Mayara Marcelino
Suelen Borba
Lucas Pravato
Brenda Lee Jones
Lucas Niemeyer
Julio May
Lucas Negrão
Flavio Bandeira Ciffoni